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Understand the Realistic Value of Whole Life

Understand the Realistic Value of Whole Life                              February 4, 2014

Hi! Dear Readers,

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In the last post, I discussed: What Could Be the Realistic Value and Position of Erection and Sexual Intercourse in Men's Sexuality?

From reading it, I hope you have gained some insights on what're roles that erection and sexual intercourse play for men's life.

In this post, I would like and need to make the position of erection and sexual intercourse clearer than even so we can drive more and better of them to our life.

Undoubtedly, the bottom-line role of erection and sexual intercourse is for procreation no matter how and what anyone would like to plainly say about them or to artistically dramatize their beauty and glory or ugliness and disgrace.

Then, what is the realistic value of whole life?

In fact, all scenes we would have encountered along the course of life are full of dotting and painting to depict the ups and downs with exulting or grieving, laughing or crying, delighting or depressing ... in our constant struggle to cope with reality, certainty, and uncertainty for establishing survival and gaining growth to maturity.

Then we conclude the course of life with procreation to raise kids and hopefully with appreciation to enjoy the twilight years before permanent departing to eternity no matter where it may bring us to.

Though such constant course of life may not perfectly fit all individuals, the inherent goal of sex life stays unchanged to seek better genetic mates and to raise more capable kids so to cultivate brighter future generations and extend species continuation.

What have these core values impacted our daily personal and social life?

To succeed in such life racing, all human beings have to exhaust all available means attainable from the environments at the time and location under a circumstance to race through the life course and fulfill that destination.

As a result and evidenced to us,  all things we would have done and displayed throughout life race are always directly or indirectly, visibly or invisibly, related with contemplating, observing, collecting, analyzing, summarizing, and recording the activities in searching, improving, and perfecting the matters for foods and sex life.

Simply put, life is for two holes: The upper hole - mouth, serves as the opening to take in nutrition from foods for survival and growth; the lower hole - genital opening, works as seed-implanting entrance and baby-birthing exit for species continuation.

Graphically and socially, the activities to fulfill the need for foods and sex life display the beauty and ugliness of life. Of course,  their details would have changed and varied over time at different locations under different circumstances, but the essence of life remains the same - boundless, timeless, and forever.

Now, I hope the above thoughts may resonate with you. With them in the mind, we will and can drive ourselves more realistically, graciously, and diligently to experience and capture more beauty and excitement in displaying sexuality.

Besides my writing something about life and sex life, I invite your critique, comment, suggestion, and input to maximize what together we can do for our common humanity to a live a long happy life for all.

Stay tuned. I will share my thoughts with you in the next post, titled, "Identify the first step that we should take to resolve the dismay along every steps of our life."

(James) Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.
Certified urologist, Award-winning author, public speaker, copywriter

Saturday, January 25, 2014

What could be the realistic value and position of erection and sexual intercourse in men's sexuality?

What Could Be the Realistic Value and Position of Erection and Sexual Intercourse in Men's Sexuality?                                                                              

(James) Chin-Ti Lin, MD

Hi! Dear Readers,

Welcome to return to www.ezEDmax.blogspot.com - How to Optimally Treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

As promised in the first post in which I lay out my plan to deliver a series of articles detailing with the realistic approach to ease and solve the dismay caused by erectile dysfunction (ED), now I begin to write and share my thoughts resulting from my 34-year study and practice in medicine and urology with a special interest in ED.

Today, we will discuss the realistic value and position of erection and sexual intercourse in men's sexuality.

First, let's face reality. 
In men's life, no man would want to lose something he has liked and even indulged most. To continue enjoying the pleasure and gratification from sexual intercourse and orgasm is one of those things with this nature and probably, the most common one, but maybe least mentioned due to being a very personal private matter and the embodied embarrassment.

When ED strikes and its subsequent embarrassment follows, the affected men may go berserk, dismayed, and even mad. Stop worry. Here, I will help the men under such mental and emotional stress and siege to untie the tight node of confusion and disappointment from ED's attack.

Common sense has constantly taught us, if we allow it to do so and delver to us, that:
  1. Life is a one-way street of accumulation, modification, and continuation from inception to eternity; this helps us know who, how, and what we are.
  2. Life is a process of constant struggle to cope with reality, certainty, and uncertainty of daily living for survival, growth, and continuation to last; this makes us become more willing to deal with daily life head-on.
  3. Despite the constantly touting medical advance, in reality, medical professionals have never really cured anyone yet. At most and best, just help patients modify their inside and outside environments with behavioral modification by implementing healthy lifestyle as well as with medical practice by applying the currently available knowledge, skill, technology, medication, common sense, and a tad of wisdom at a reasonable time in a reasonable way to a reasonable patient. So, an optimal self-healing process may take place to optimally restore the impaired function of the affected organ and system, but very unlikely going back to its previous state. This will guide us to effectively adjust realistic expectation and accept personal responsibility.

Dear readers. I hope you would not be turned off by my stating the truth and facts of life.

Known to you, I'm just a physician practicing medicine to help you, not a magician playing tricks to entertain you, but a messenger bringing the truth and facts of life to you for your scrutiny and judgment.

My good intention is to be honest and true so we can walk out of the shadow and control of political correctness and commercialism. I really try hard to help you with substance beyond medication, surgery, sweet talk, and sympathy and I'm surely confident that I can help you with empathy and action if you allow me to do so.

To effectively tackle the problem we confront, another common sense comes and tells us: If we seriously wish to solve the problems confronting us, the first step to take should be our courage and willingness to realize, understand, and accept the available truth and facts of life.

To follow this line of thinking, let's open our mind to suck in the available truth and facts about our ability
to achieve erection for sexual intercourse in men's sexuality to our heart.

So, let's realize the course of life.
Generally, all humans have constantly pushed the envelope of limitation from their birth to around age 30, when they reach the peak of mental and physical ability and capacity. After 30, their physical durability
will expectantly and gradually declined with variable pace, largely depending upon personal lifestyle.

As you may recall, while at age 20 or 25, if you are tired from overwork or overexertion, all what you
have to do is sit down and close eyes for a nap or rest of 5-15 minutes and you will quickly feel so refresh and ready to go again. After 30 and onward, we will need to take longer and longer for such recovery.
As well, the capacity of performance will also gradually decline in a fluctuating one-way direction until the arrival of eternal permanent departure.

Now, let's realize the expected change in achieving erection and performing sexual intercourse.
Following the same pattern of expected change, the ability to achieve erection and perform sexual intercourse takes a similar route of change over time. That is why men would need longer and longer time
to restore their ability and capacity for achieving erection and performing sexual intercourse again after enjoying a run of intense personal intimacy with sexual intercourse.

Besides we need to remember that sexual intercourse is a physiological process of very heavy mental and physical drainage.

So, in order to have something to drain, we have to store a sufficient amount energy and ability ready to
be used and drained at need. Therefore, after a run of drainage, we will take longer time to recuperate
from sexual exhaustion.

In a sense, as we age, we gradually become like an old battery which requires a longer time to recharge but would never be up to the high level when it's new. At its use, an old battery will lose its steam and energy faster than the new.

Knowing these, men will be more realistically willing to accept the facts that they need to decrease the frequency to engage in sexual intercourse. If personal overindulgence and obsession overruns such reality, such men will experience ED even though they may be just still okay.

So, slow down and do it less often than while you're at younger age.

Besides knowing the physiological change as explained above, it would be useful to look at a bigger picture of the function of erection and sexual intercourse.

That's what is the primitive function of erection and sexual intercourse?
Another aspect of sex life is to realize the real value and position of sexual intercourse in men's life, which inevitably changes and evolves over time. In young age, to achieve erection for sexual intercourse is the must and essential for making and producing natural babies, that is, procreation.

As men age, its importance gradually evolves, change, and eventually become more and more optional.
This statement may offend some folks' mind. But I swear this is true although it may not be what you want, like, and love to hear, instead, surely is what you need to hear.

In fact, on the course of life path, we all gradually and insidiously give up something we possess in our young age, intentionally or unintentionally, knowingly or unknowingly. We all do. For example, we would not be able to walk or run as agile and fast as we used to while we age, although healthy lifestyle can or may effectively slow down that undesirable trend. This is just one aspect of life reality.

Likewise, such a realistic change has been taking place in all our tissues and organs beneath the skin as
what you may have observed and noticed the change of the smoothness, texture, or wrinkles on your face.

So, the working ability of men's sexual tissues and organs can not be exempted from this natural change of aging, which may go down at various pace, faster or slower, chiefly depending upon personal lifestyle. A healthier lifestyle can do wonder for us so we should implement Universal Healthy Lifestyle at any given moment of our daily living no matter who, where, how, and what you're now.

Outside the internal fundamental things and reality about men's erection and sexual intercourse as discussed above, we also need to take a look at what is going on around us.

Here comes the discussion on political correctness and commercialism on our daily living and, of course, on sexuality.

Day in and day out, in every corners of our daily living, we're constantly bombarded by the message from all kinds of media to brainwash and hypnotize the unguarded public: How wonderful sexual intercourse can be like we have nothing to do in life but sexual intercourse all day long by sex experts and R- or X-rated movies or videos; how magical medications such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis can
be for men by companies' paid commercials.

In real life, few exceptional elderly men being able to maintain their ability to get good erection and perform sexual intercourse do exist but not the norms for most of men.

As to using medication, its effectiveness largely depends on how much functional deficiency in sexual tissues and organs has been developed and accumulated. In its early stage, these drugs, generically called PDE-5 inhibitors or phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors, may do wonder for selected men who have no medical contraindications to use them.

As the impairment in sexual tissues and organs advances, in time, the effectiveness of such drugs will gradually fade and eventually stop to work because these drugs are only able to bridge a certain gap of functional deficiency. At age goes on, the functional gap widens, at certain point, beyond the drug can
bridge over, so we're confused to see the medication is not working anymore.

How is the impact of movies and videos on men's expectation in their sex life? 

Quite a bit. What are shown in these visual media often mislead many men to fantasize that men can have vigorous sexual intercourse forever.

Remember those professional performers in sex movies and videos have been well trained and prepared as their full-time way to make a living at certain time of their life, and the amateur actors of similar genres would shoot the related movies and videos either for fun or for gaining fame in time or for some other unclear reasons.

For average Joe, that will be in a entirely different story. So, don't let the excitement from viewing those carry us away too far into unrealistic fantasy land.

So, take cautions.

Both political correctness and commercialism have fuzzed up well the original real face of the truth and facts of our life to serve their hidden agenda for earning your trust, liking them, and transactions.

In other words, both constantly brainwash and entice us through hypnotically manipulating our unguarded mind of greed, ignorance, anxiety, and fear with all tactics of power, mental or physical, political or administrative, and with all disguises of deception. That is why the business and sales of many still unproven and unregulated herb preparations and even dangerous means or tools or gadgets to stretch the penis continue to flourish out of control.

Of course, we know: Behind what we know always hides a lot of what we still don't know. So, how do we handle these uncertainties? I would suggest to stop their use or use them in moderation with care if you have money to spare.

Occasionally, I have seen few men swearing how wonderful the secret multiple vitamins they take can be. Under such circumstances, I just said I would not argue with the "facts", but still take them with care and don't use them over-jealously.

In summary, the first step to take for managing dissatisfaction in life is to realize, understand, and accept the available truth and facts of life and go head-on to deal with any potential calamities that we may confront. Then, we will have a best possible realistic control over our daily life and capture the better sense of comfort and control. That will make us more contained and happier with supporting truth and facts of life, not with political correctness.

For the time being, if you would like to explore further on how to handle ED realistically and effectively, the book I wrote, "Perfect Sex for men & for the women who love them" could be a very useful resource for you to check out.

Soon, I will discuss the next topic as listed in the first post of this Blog. Stay tuned.  

(James) Chin-Ti Lin, MD
January 25, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to Optimize the Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

How to Optimize the Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Hi! All dear visitors.

I do know what you have in your mind and what you have looked for. Trust me, you're not alone.

Just like many men with ED, your mind may go berserk while confronting the issue and concern of being unable to achieve a good erection for sexual intercourse. Why? It's usually because of personal embarrassment to talk with someone and lack of information in when, where, and how to start its care.

Don't worry. This blog will be your doorway to look forward to effectively and realistically take care of your ED. You just come to the right place.

First off, I would like to apologize for misspelling optimally as opimally in the Title of this Blog, ezEDmax.blogspot.com, and to disclaim the followings:

1. The material provided is based on the available literature, current or past, which Dr. Lin has come
    across, reviewed, collected, digested, and organized, so to save tons of time and effort for the the
    interested parties in the public.

2. The message from this blog is intended to make the readers become more knowledgeable and                 realistic to participate in the decision-making and action-taking to manage their personal fret and
    dismay from ED, but shouldn't replace the direct care and supervision from medical professionals
    and experts in the field.

3. There is no magic in life and medicine. If any, that's to work together and apply currently available
     knowledge, skill, technology, medication, common sense, and a tad of wisdom at a reasonable time
     in a reasonable way to a reasonable person.

After correcting this spelling error, I would like to outline the posts down the road for this blog as follows:

1. Understand the realistic value and position of erection and sexual intercourse in men's sexuality;

2. Understand the realistic value of whole life;

3. Identify the first step we should take to resolve the dismay along every steps of our life;

4. What can cause erectile dysfunction?;

5. How to evaluate and counsel the men with ED?;

5. What are the available options of care for erectile dysfunction (ED), medication or surgery?;

6. What are the available medications for ED?;

7. What are the available surgery (procedure)?;

8. What are the emerging ideas and looming options of caring for erectile dysfunction (ED)?;

9. What is your experience in reading this Blog for taking care of your ED?

With all the available information in mind, in my experience, most of the men with ED will be not only eased in their undue anxiety and fear from ED but made a better and right decision for taking a better and right action.

As a result, they will be more contained and happier in their life. No wonder many of my patients told me, "I wish more doctors would tell me like what you just explained and now I feel much better. That makes a lot sense."

The information regarding managing ED in this blog is well organized in my book, "Perfect Sex for men and for the women who love them".

For the time being, you are welcome to visit a vast volume of life-related articles in www.formefirst.com, from there you will find my FREE e-Wellness Newsletter - A March to A Long Happy Life for All.

To write more and better to meet what you need, please send your suggestion and common to realinct2002@yahoo.com.