Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Understand the Realistic Value of Whole Life

Understand the Realistic Value of Whole Life                              February 4, 2014

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In the last post, I discussed: What Could Be the Realistic Value and Position of Erection and Sexual Intercourse in Men's Sexuality?

From reading it, I hope you have gained some insights on what're roles that erection and sexual intercourse play for men's life.

In this post, I would like and need to make the position of erection and sexual intercourse clearer than even so we can drive more and better of them to our life.

Undoubtedly, the bottom-line role of erection and sexual intercourse is for procreation no matter how and what anyone would like to plainly say about them or to artistically dramatize their beauty and glory or ugliness and disgrace.

Then, what is the realistic value of whole life?

In fact, all scenes we would have encountered along the course of life are full of dotting and painting to depict the ups and downs with exulting or grieving, laughing or crying, delighting or depressing ... in our constant struggle to cope with reality, certainty, and uncertainty for establishing survival and gaining growth to maturity.

Then we conclude the course of life with procreation to raise kids and hopefully with appreciation to enjoy the twilight years before permanent departing to eternity no matter where it may bring us to.

Though such constant course of life may not perfectly fit all individuals, the inherent goal of sex life stays unchanged to seek better genetic mates and to raise more capable kids so to cultivate brighter future generations and extend species continuation.

What have these core values impacted our daily personal and social life?

To succeed in such life racing, all human beings have to exhaust all available means attainable from the environments at the time and location under a circumstance to race through the life course and fulfill that destination.

As a result and evidenced to us,  all things we would have done and displayed throughout life race are always directly or indirectly, visibly or invisibly, related with contemplating, observing, collecting, analyzing, summarizing, and recording the activities in searching, improving, and perfecting the matters for foods and sex life.

Simply put, life is for two holes: The upper hole - mouth, serves as the opening to take in nutrition from foods for survival and growth; the lower hole - genital opening, works as seed-implanting entrance and baby-birthing exit for species continuation.

Graphically and socially, the activities to fulfill the need for foods and sex life display the beauty and ugliness of life. Of course,  their details would have changed and varied over time at different locations under different circumstances, but the essence of life remains the same - boundless, timeless, and forever.

Now, I hope the above thoughts may resonate with you. With them in the mind, we will and can drive ourselves more realistically, graciously, and diligently to experience and capture more beauty and excitement in displaying sexuality.

Besides my writing something about life and sex life, I invite your critique, comment, suggestion, and input to maximize what together we can do for our common humanity to a live a long happy life for all.

Stay tuned. I will share my thoughts with you in the next post, titled, "Identify the first step that we should take to resolve the dismay along every steps of our life."

(James) Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.
Certified urologist, Award-winning author, public speaker, copywriter

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