Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to Optimize the Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

How to Optimize the Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Hi! All dear visitors.

I do know what you have in your mind and what you have looked for. Trust me, you're not alone.

Just like many men with ED, your mind may go berserk while confronting the issue and concern of being unable to achieve a good erection for sexual intercourse. Why? It's usually because of personal embarrassment to talk with someone and lack of information in when, where, and how to start its care.

Don't worry. This blog will be your doorway to look forward to effectively and realistically take care of your ED. You just come to the right place.

First off, I would like to apologize for misspelling optimally as opimally in the Title of this Blog,, and to disclaim the followings:

1. The material provided is based on the available literature, current or past, which Dr. Lin has come
    across, reviewed, collected, digested, and organized, so to save tons of time and effort for the the
    interested parties in the public.

2. The message from this blog is intended to make the readers become more knowledgeable and                 realistic to participate in the decision-making and action-taking to manage their personal fret and
    dismay from ED, but shouldn't replace the direct care and supervision from medical professionals
    and experts in the field.

3. There is no magic in life and medicine. If any, that's to work together and apply currently available
     knowledge, skill, technology, medication, common sense, and a tad of wisdom at a reasonable time
     in a reasonable way to a reasonable person.

After correcting this spelling error, I would like to outline the posts down the road for this blog as follows:

1. Understand the realistic value and position of erection and sexual intercourse in men's sexuality;

2. Understand the realistic value of whole life;

3. Identify the first step we should take to resolve the dismay along every steps of our life;

4. What can cause erectile dysfunction?;

5. How to evaluate and counsel the men with ED?;

5. What are the available options of care for erectile dysfunction (ED), medication or surgery?;

6. What are the available medications for ED?;

7. What are the available surgery (procedure)?;

8. What are the emerging ideas and looming options of caring for erectile dysfunction (ED)?;

9. What is your experience in reading this Blog for taking care of your ED?

With all the available information in mind, in my experience, most of the men with ED will be not only eased in their undue anxiety and fear from ED but made a better and right decision for taking a better and right action.

As a result, they will be more contained and happier in their life. No wonder many of my patients told me, "I wish more doctors would tell me like what you just explained and now I feel much better. That makes a lot sense."

The information regarding managing ED in this blog is well organized in my book, "Perfect Sex for men and for the women who love them".

For the time being, you are welcome to visit a vast volume of life-related articles in, from there you will find my FREE e-Wellness Newsletter - A March to A Long Happy Life for All.

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